Seven Festive Medleys For the 2021 Holiday Season

The Christmas Wrong

Wokeness roasting on an open fire.

Annoyance nipping at your ears.

Fake News being sung by the sire.

Old folks spouting fears.

Everybody knows political differences 

Help to fester family fights.

Tiny brains spew their judgments.

But we must shut up tonight.

Fit Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Fit Christmas.

Just like the ones I used to know.

Where Sex in the City

was light and witty.

And I could Peloton in peace.

Frosty the Gunman

Frosty the Gunman

Was a disturbed, angry teen

With a corncob pipe and AR15

And a heart made of beans.

Let’s Consume! Let’s Consume! Let’s Consume!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.

But the Republicans say it’s delightful.

And since we’ve only got one world.

Let’s Consume! Let’s Consume!  Let’s Consume!

Have Yourself an Inflated Christmas

Have yourself an Inflated Christmas
Let your purse be light
From now on
Your money will be very tight

Omicron is Coming to Town

You better watch out.

You better not fly.

You better mask up.

I’m telling you why.

Omicron is coming to town.

Happy Xmas (Is Covid Over?)

So this is Christmas.

And what have you done?

Another year over.

And a new Covid just begun.

And so this is Christmas.

I hope you had fun.

Joe Biden seems tired.

And Trump still wants to run.