Best of 2022

StreetEasy Listings From Your Broker, Edgar Allan Poe

Thy soul shall find one lone window

‘Mid box of living, so shallow

The spirits of the West Village who cooked

In the kitchen, clung to thy bathtub, no door

A fee of broker doth apply, tho’ tour you have booked

Be still in that solitude,

Which is not loneliness – for the screams

From the radiator pipe in the middle of thy entryway

Beware in BOND real estate, exit this page if poor or signed with guarantor

No fear, for in the lobby bare marble walls and marble halls

Shall overpower thee two times the stairs, equal flights of four

The studio, tho’ 2 roaches clear under paint of lead

Is of grim desire, your worth of forty times the rent

Unless Papa shows worthiness of thousand of three

What does he accomplish? We shiver at collars of white-

Over there! Through the rodent made hole within the recycling bin lay a tree


With heat and water to mortals given –

But their electricity, without Verizon


As ample storage a plenty, uncommon as is

Trade thy Australian Shephard for stainless steel appliances

Now are studios thou shalt not fear

Now are washers and dryers, do come hither

For a blue collar, we shiver, but a white collar

We quiver

Speak now, or live amongst the dreary skies of reflection

From north facing neighbor, Jennifer

Once upon an Upper East Side dreary

And the midst upon a Lenwich

Shadowy, a built in Fredeirich

Tho’ with heat and water that do scorch, can’t forget a dusty vent

Quote Thomas, the lord of lands,

 “Nevermore, the fee” said he, “surely Father can Zelle 3 months rent”

For the Newest of Jersey’s would never suffice

Thy hardwood floorboards, beneath lie your new roommate

Fear Linus, the lord of Hell’s Kitchen, leader of the mice