CARTOON: Football Frustration

Empire State of Sorrow. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

Your New Favorite Super Bowl Betting Apps!

OCD OTB: Allows the user to compulsively check the status of the bet several times per minute. You can also improve the chances of your bet coming in by unplugging your television seventeen times, or counting the number of ceiling tiles twice before the game goes to commercial.

How NFL Teams Got Their Names

New York Giants: The team is named after New Yorker Elmer Alvin Doe’s masterpiece “The Giant,” with the famous line: Quoth the Giant “Nah-vermore.”


New England Pastries, Baltimore Cravens, Kansas City Beefs, and more #FoodAFootballTeam on this week's trending joke game!

Bold Predictions for the 2020/21 NFL Season

Philadelphia: Knowing that they are scientifically unable to spread the virus, all the players from the Philadelphia Eagles will be replaced by actual eagles. 

CARTOON: Football Fries

Waked and Baked. Today's cartoon by Bob Eckstein.

CARTOON: Rumored London NFL Teams

The British Are Coming...To The NFL According to Rumors. Possible new teams in today's cartoon by Ron Hauge and Bob Eckstein.

Truly Terrible Tailgating Tips

It's been several months, and the treatments do seem to be working, but still, err on the side of caution by steering clear of any tailgates held on a full moon (werewolves only).

Adam Levine’s Tattoos’ Thoughts on the Super Bowl Halftime Show

MERMAID WITH WINGS HOLDING A SKULL: How’s the show going, guys? I can’t see anything because I’m on the back.

CARTOON: Super Bowl Halftime Show Closeted Maroon 5 Super Fans

Ugh, these guys are the WORST! Turn it up. Today's cartoon by Alexis Novak and Jason Chatfield.

Your Guide to the Super Bowl

A cool piece of trivia to know is that in the olden days, football used to be played with a blown up pig bladder, until one day, someone was like, “Hey guys, why don’t we try using one of these footballs we have lying around instead?”

All the Ways We're Avoiding Saying "The Super Bowl" in Our Rent-To-Own Furniture Commercial as to Not Be Sued by the NFL

"New England Loyalists vs Los Angeles Male Sheep" it's time for "Football's Season Finale"!

Top Fantastical NFL Halloween Costumes

Unharmed NFL Spouse, Team Owner The Doesn't Harbor Secret Racist Feelings, Employed Protesting Quarterback and more.

How to Save Football

At a recent NFL owners meeting, owners expressed great concern at the steep drop in television viewership and the cataclysmic decline in attendance. They asked, what can we do to save football? Simple. One thing. Make the whole game the opening sequence of NBC’s Sunday Night Football. That’s it. Sixty minutes of Carrie Underwood. In a fringed leather bustier.

Every Known Sports Venue “Cam"

Kiss Cam you've heard of, but what about the Kiss Cam Cam? Another camera captures the guy operating the Kiss Cam, and he and his Kiss Cam camera have to kiss. It’s fun! And more.

The NFL All New National Anthem Policy

The NFL announced a new national anthem policy today:   Players…

Trump Fantasy Football League

Current and former members of President Trump's inner circle…