Things About Beto That Bother Trump (Even More Than The Wild Hand Gestures)

Balanced, coherent way of explaining policies and ideas. What a show off!!

Shirt, jacket and tie unblemished by bits of debris and splotches of gravy / ranch dressing. Does he eat chicken nuggets with his shirt off or something?!

His hair-weaving technique. How does it look so perfect?? And how does it all stay piled on top of his head like that, even in powerful winds?? What a dick!

Where are all of the complaints and statements made to the authorities from women regarding sexually inappropriate behavior and assault cases? Did he have these ladies killed or something? Dammit, why didn’t I think of that?!

That wife of his sure seems to like him an awful lot. Very suspicious…

How is he able to care about people, and yet also have chosen a career in politics? That’s like being a vegan and working at McDonalds! And many of his voters are even these ethnic types! Very weird and off-putting.

When pressed, doesn’t seem to know the secret Illuminati handshake! What’s your game, pal?