Best Of 2021

Truly Terrible TV/Movie Pitches

Growing Pains reboot

Kirk Cameron is given an experimental growth serum which backfires horribly, his screams of agony reverberating throughout the secret lab as his skin rips and tears under the influence of the malfunctioning serum.

Bachelord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings cosplay enthusiasts vie for the romantic attention of a beautiful model, who spends the better portion of the season pushing heavy furniture in order to block her dressing room door.

The Terminator: Day Of Reckoning

A cyborg assassin from the future is sent back in time to kill James Cameron before he can sign the franchise rights over to any other movie studios following Terminator 2.

Twerk du Soleil

Updated take on the popular attraction, now with the addition of a multitude of jostling buttocks.

Ground Hog Day

Documentary in which Bill Murray grumpily takes the viewer through a typical workday at a rural slaughterhouse.

Westworld: Breastworld

Series that dispenses with the convoluted storylines and sci-fi action, and instead gives the audience what they really want: naked robots.

Adventures In Babysitting 2

Elisabeth Shue goes back to babysitting, and when she shows up to the client’s house, she’s been hired to babysit a human centipede.

The Big Bang Bus Theory

Addicted to fame and desperate for attention, but unable to find work following the finale of their hit series, most of the cast of The Big Bang Theory travel around in a bus, eagerly performing sexual acts in exchange for a moment of imagined adulation.