Most Anticipated New Reality Shows

Extreme Vetting 

Join America’s most extreme veterinarian, Dr. Jack Williams, as he pays house calls to the animal kingdom’s deadliest patients, including a saltwater crocodile with a life threatening arrhythmia and a rattlesnake with hemorrhoids. Animal Planet, Fridays 8/7c

Bad Ombres

Hair stylist to the stars, Ted Gibson, is on the hunt for America’s worst ombres. Watch as he transforms the nation’s most appalling, gradated dye jobs into red carpet-ready coiffures. WEtv, Tuesdays, 9/8c

The World’s Biggest Crowds: Period 

This is no place for agoraphobics! Join actress Melissa McCarthy as she ventures into the world’s most crowded spaces, including the Muncie Public Library’s microfilm reading room and a regional high school banjo competition. NBC, Mondays 8:30/7:30 c

The Amazing Frederick Douglass 

Meet Frederick Douglass, a 2016 Rutgers graduate making his mark in the world of advertising. After doing an amazing job with the Nordstrom account, Frederick is being recognized more and more. But will a critical tweet from a former game show host create trouble for the junior executive? Tune in and find out. CW, Thursdays, 10/9c

The Alternative Facts of Life  

Years after rocketing to fame as boarding school debutante Blair Warner on TV’s The Facts of Life, actress Lisa Welchel is headed back to school – this time as the teacher of an abstinence-only sex education curriculum. TV Land, Fridays, 9/8c

Fake News!

Ripped from today’s headlines! Join host Chris Hardwick for this new man on the street game show. With cash and prizes on the line, can passers-by guess which stories are true and which were reported by CNN? FOX, Wednesdays, 8/7c

Lock Her Up!

Join Orange is the New Black’s “Crazy Eyes,” Uzo Aduba, as she goes inside the terrifying, real world of women’s prisons to hear stories of the quid pro quos and private e-mail servers and that landed these hardened criminals behind bars. Netflix, now streaming

Executive Orders

Ride along with Brian, an Uber Eats driver responsible for delivering the lunch orders of New York’s top CEOs. He knows every restaurant in town and will deliver from all but seven. Hope you don’t have a taste for hummus! Food Network, Monday-Friday. 7/8 c