Hallmark Halloween Movies

Trick Or Treat

Gloria runs her deceased father’s old-timey candy store, and Halloween is their favorite time of year. But Robert opens a big corporate candy store right on Main Street, stealing their business! Gloria organizes support around their local shop as Robert falls for the charms of small town life — and Gloria.

The Spider’s Kiss

Violet’s town celebrates Halloween with a huge masquerade ball. But there’s a mix-up at the costume store, and she ends up with the outfit meant for Leia, her evil boss, who probably became cruel to succeed in a patriarchal corporate environment, but OK. With no other options, Violet wears the costume. At the ball, Leia’s handsome boyfriend thinks Violet is his girlfriend, and they share a perfect kiss. Will he still love her when she tells him the truth about her identity? (Yes.) Will the act of infidelity that lies at the center of their relationship? (No.)

Pumpkin Spicy

Ryan, a nice Christian man who probably voted for Trump — but it won’t come up — always wins the town’s annual pie contest with his classic pumpkin pie. But this year he has a new adversary — Sophie, and she’s determined to prove her sweet potato pie is better! When Ryan’s oven breaks, and Sophie offers her kitchen for him to practice in, these two rivals find that pumpkins and potatoes aren’t that different after all.

Falling In Love

Kate, a struggling actress in the big city, is hired to direct her hometown’s Halloween pageant. When she arrives, she’s stunned to find her ex-boyfriend, a former soldier with a heart of gold and no PTSD, has come home too. Will this spooky festival mend their broken love?

A Phantom’s Touch

Beloved high school teacher Kate Cassidy unexpectedly inherits a mansion outside of town. She decides to turn it into a haunted house to raise money for the girl’s soccer team. But it turns out the house is actually haunted! She tries to get ghost Nicholas McNickels to vacate the premises to keep the kids safe, but instead she starts to fall for him. They don’t have ghost sex, but we know that’s why you tuned in.

Candy Apples

Jonathan owns an apple orchard, but it’s too much work for him and his two employees, his niece and her best friend, a sassy gay man whose sexuality will never be addressed. Just when he thinks the orchard might close, Ava walks through the door, desperate for a job. Together Ava and Jonathan connect with the true meaning of autumn — and chaste, heterosexual romance.

A Bite Of Love

Gina, a businesswoman who has forgotten the true meaning of Halloween, is trying to get promoted to company Vice President before November 1. When she’s sent out of town to close a deal on a small inn, she meets its owner, handsome, pale widower Vlad, who loves Halloween. You guessed it — he’s a vampire, but in an extremely non-threatening, asexual way. Will she choose her old, corporate life where she had a pretty cool apartment, or will she give it up for a spooky eternity in a crusty old inn with a dude who’s never heard the word “feminism”?

Monster Mash

Carole falls in love with a Frankenstein’s monster. It is a metaphor for nothing.