Best of 2020

If Shakespeare Characters Had Podcasts

Out of The River

Hey guys, you know it’s me, renowned zombie relationship influencer, Ophelia. Join me for my #selfhelp podcast about how to not drown yourself. Listen every Tuesday where I share your heartwarming and empowering stories and how I navigated abuse, drowning and picking yourself back up. Streaming on Spotify and Stitcher, and sponsored by Pool Floaties.


Double Double Toil and Chuckle

The Wyrd Sisters of Scotland have seen a lot! From pranking the line of succession to making soup, we three wytches know how to laugh through life. Join us on this bi-weekly podcast where we roast the latest in Scotish society and the latest pheasant. Only on Apple Podcasts and sponsored by Tide Stain Remover.


F*ck Your Feelings

Are you living with #antisocial personality disorder? Hi, I’m Iago, and I sure know what it’s like to hate feelings. Join me as I gaslight renowned therapists, doctors, and also hot chicks whose lives I’ve ruined. Streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Your Subconscious. Sponsored by Handkerchiefs™.


The Magix of Me

Queer superstar Puck wants to make you a merry wanderer of the night. Listen on Soundcloud as he talks everything #magicpositivity, furries, telling your boss to suck it, and how to make every situation clearly, and very definitively about you. Sponsored by Big-Ass Donkey Heads and Stephen Schwartz.


Mother May I… Not See You Sleep with My Uncle?

So your Mom sucks? Join the club. Join me, Hamlet, and licensed therapist Yorick every Monday to discuss mothers, the unexpected men she sleeps with, and living with the totally normal thoughts of matricide. Brought to you by the Pulitzer Prize-winning team behind This American Life and sponsored by Better Help.


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Stabby

Hi, we’re high school #powercouple Romeo and Juliet, and we bite our thumbs at your tacky wedding. Check out our weekly podcast where we answer all your most common wedding questions regarding: venue, music, difficult in-laws, and ways to prevent a dramatic accidental suicide over your way too intense love before the big day! Sponsored by


Be Your Own Hero

Slut shaming hurts, especially when you’re underwritten. Join Hero and her radical feminist cousin Beatrice as they discuss shame, re-owning slut-dom, and the best way to fake your death so you can win your man back. Sponsored by Feminism!


Loved to Death

Are you super self-less? Do you value the happiness of others above your own? Are you basically not a person? Come with me, Cordelia, as I discuss how you too can love so boundlessly it makes your Dad hate you. With some #meditation, #beautytips and #adviceontoxicsiblingrelationships you too can start again and love others more than you love yourself. Sponsored by fabfitfun.


Et tu, Rome!

Rome is the greatest country in the world. Or is it? Join your host Brutus, former senior political advisor to the Caesar Administration, as he comments on the news. Stabbing IS a valid form of democracy! Streaming wherever you get your podcasts, and sponsored by Your High School Debate Team.


Catfishing for Dummies

Do you have a crush on someone? Well landing them is as easy as putting on a pair of pants. Hi, I’m Viola, renowned catfish. Listen every Friday on Apple Podcasts as a guide you through how to use drag, evading questions, and #twinning to land the man or woman of your dreams. Sponsored by


Having Friends for Dinner

You make a meal out of anything, that’s Titus Andronicus’ motto! Take a seat at his table as he plays the cook, bakes some baller meat-sauce ziti, and explores the latest and greatest in culinary revenge. Sponsored by Top Chef, Hello Fresh, and


Do We Not Bleed? Answering Your Questions About Jews, Anti-Semitism and Periods 

Noted moneylender Shylock has already tackled your questions about Jews and blood. But what about the women? Every Thursday, Skylock hosts period activists and feminist influencers to discuss Jewish menstruation and the best places to get Dreidel themed panties. Sponsored by Thinx Period Panties.